Wednesday Pop-Up Pantry

Two locations! Current Hours: Wednesday, 3-5PM

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We will be CLOSED as of July 29th, 2021! Thank you for all the support through this project!

  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Cash (donate on-site)
  • Unopened/unexpired pantry goods
  • Fresh produce

Email us to donate outside of pantry hours.

Food for everyone!

You do not have to be in serious need to access this resource! Pop-Up Pantry is for EVERYONE!

You can also take food to deliver to friends, family, and neighbors!

100% Volunteer

Pop-Up Pantry is made possible entirely by neighborhood volunteers and donations, as well as contributions from local businesses and food banks. See the gallery for weekly donation partners and donation totals.

About Us

Pop-Up Pantry started as a way to prevent food waste and help neighbors experiencing food scarcity.

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